Welcome to the JavaScript Password System (JPS)


JPS allows you to password-protect your web pages without needing to have server admin or CGI access.

The current Version is 1.1

For more information check out the README file.

Why not have a look at the Working Demo.


You can download version 1.1 of JPS here [54k] (If you are using Netscape, and it insists on displaying rather than saving to disk, right-click and select "save this link as").


[4-12-97] There has been one bug report so far, affecting some versions of Internet Explorer. It exists in the 'password generator' script, rather than in the main password script, so it will not affect any visitors to your pages, regardless which browser they choose to use. If you find that you can not generate the new URLs, you may have to use Netscape to get around this problem for the time being. It is not a fault in the script, but in the way IE does not support JavaScript correctly. Nonetheless, a bug fix is in the works, so keep an eye out for the new version.

[22-7-02] There has been an apparent change in the way some browsers handle dates. This affects people using the changing date system for greater security. This has been fixed in JPS v1.1.

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